Harmonic Swing Traders...
One day Personal Coaching workshop.
Day and Swing Trading any market
with the natural flow of Harmonics


This Personal Coaching workshop is designed for traders new to Harmonic trading techniques as well as a refresher for traders stuck in a rut!

Workshop includes, Advanced Fib trading with Harmonic Waves and the auto Fib Finder for TradeStation and Meta Trader. You will be able to recognise the important Harmonic patterns and the software will find these key levels for you that link to the key Fibonacci ratios and Wave flow to identify the entry and trade target areas in advance of the actual moves.

The workshop was originally devised for Forex traders but these techniques can be used in any market, Stocks, Commodities and Indexes and also includes pattern finding software.

The Harmonic Wave Trader brings together three major techniques with Fibonacci levels that will show where the waves of price action are most likely to reverse and where they are going to.

This is EURUSD is just one of dozens of examples when trading gurus and analysts said sell, sell sell. Harmonic traders knew the set up and bought at the lows!

It will find trades for you that you would never ever have taken without it!

Content includes:

Identifying the main Harmonic Wave Patterns

Following the rules - Identification - Execution - Profit Management

Identifying, in advance, the entries and exits points

The essentials of Wave trading - where to get in, where to get out and when to stand aside

Trading pattern set ups, the Gartley, BAT, Crab, Butterfly, Three Drives and FBR.

Trading Fibonacci for targeting waves within Harmonic Wave Patterns

Advanced Multi Point Reversal and False Break pattern trading

Advanced harmonic wave pattern recognition and trade management

Money and Trade Management is much talked about but most still get it wrong  - you will learn how to make big profit to loss swings in your account to consistent profits.

The day is tailored to your requirements, more on stocks, commodities or indices -no problem.

Fully inclusive of the full Harmonic Trading Course on disc.

Now includes the Catapult Combo System.

Join me, George Hallmey, for this fully interactive day 10.00am-4.30pm at our training centre near Reading or Trafalgar Square, London.

 members and/or existing users of The Harmonic Wave Trader.

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Day and Swing Trading any market
with the natural flow of Harmonics

Call 0800 298 4691 or email support@clickevents.co.uk to discuss dates.


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Thank you for the discs and Fib Finder software, it's amazing how it just shows me those key levels as you said it would...JH

Brilliant, Thanks George for such clear instruction GC

Great product, clear examples and definitely worth the money charged. There is a real wealth of information in these discs. EK

Morning George

Thought I would share a successful EUR/USD trade from 6.56am this morning-went short at 1.3941(pleased that I picked the turn !) and grabbed 21 pips by 7.06am-should have remained in the trade for a few more pips on the downside in hindsight!!

George, I thought you would want to now that I have profitted by over 200 pips this week using the FibFinder software and your harmonic patterns. Can I use it on my work PC as well? JG

 Selected the top using standard breakfast trading rules-also found fib finder to be very helpful on the 2 minute chart !! PL

Dear George,  Many thanks for all your help and sound advice yesterday-it really was a brilliant day which I enjoyed from start to finish- I certainly have plenty to think about and practice-thank you !! PL

Hi George

it was great  to meet up yesterday and I have to say your Patterns training was brilliant!  I think you maintained everyone's interest throughout the course.   The live charts helped immensely.  You certainly made the subject come alive.  I found all parts of the workshop  useful and in particular the explanation of the Patterns.   The pace of the workshop and content was just right & explanations were clear. AR

Thank you George-I think the group really moulded together-I will keep in touch as the patterns come together !! Pattern recognition-it really has opened my eyes !! PL

Thanks for letting me try out the Harmonic Wave Trader and the automatic Fib Finder, you are not getting it back! Seriously, just let me know how much it is.. JS

Hello George, How about todays euro!!! still testing our understanding of the fib finder so only had a very small position...automatically closed at 1.414...D&G

George, I've just closed out my Cable trade I mentioned on Tuesday, FibFinder got me in and helped me decide on taking some profits on Thursday - result 138 pips on one and 321 on the other!!! MJ

Call 0800 298 4691 or email support@clickevents.co.uk to discuss and reserve your place


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