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Have Bonds and Equities Turned and what is Happening with Gold?




In the seventies Gold burst into life as the gold standard was given up and dollar devaluation led to massive inflation. From $35 an ounce, when the dollar was on the 'Gold Standard', it hit a high of over $800 by 1981.


Some commentators think it might happen again but do Gold, Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies move independently of each other?


In this Seminar on CD,  Inter-Market Analysis fully describes the relationship between the major asset classes of:


Bonds - Equities - Commodities - Oil - Gold - Currencies


Markets never move in perfect harmony but anyone who has looked at the historical behaviour of the markets will be aware of relationships between Equities and Bonds for instance.


Plus bonus audio - Dane Halling discussing how the bond markets work and how they affect stock markets


When bonds rise as interest rates fall, then it is highly likely that equities will also rise as the low interest rate environment is usually positive for companies earnings.


However, this is just a small part of the story. By examining the movements of the five asset classes it is possible to start predicting what is likely to happen next in one or other of them.


Gerald Ashley will give you a unique insight into these markets, he has over twenty five years experience in the financial markets, working for banks in London, Hong Kong and Switzerland. He has been responsible for foreign exchange operations, currency options and has managed a substantial gold book. Gerald now trades, is a sought after international speaker and advices clients on asset allocation.

Click this link for an article by Gerald on risk management


In addition to his analysis on world markets Gerald has made a study of the behavioural aspects of investors and markets in his book "Uncertainty and Expectation" details here.


This downloadable seminar with audios  includes a two part presentation and conversation with Gerald on longer term capital flows that will help you decide if you should be considering investment and trading in Gold, Oil, Commodities, Equities or Bonds.


Part one (26 mins.) gives a thorough analysis of what drives the various markets and how one affects the other.


Part Two (30 mins.) takes you through some of the ways in which you can profit from the moves in these markets, including using the Gold/Oil ratio.


The Conversation (41 mins.) covers historical perspectives and broadens out the presentations relating the historical to the present day.


Plus bonus audio - now includes Dane Halling discussing how the bond markets work


In recent months equities have risen substantially,  bonds have rallied and the Gold market has been stirring whilst the US$ has had a roller coaster ride. Indeed Gold has been one of the worst investments one could have made over the last two decades, but is it now time to see it come to life once again?



One of the useful ratios you will learn about is the Gold/Oil ratio. The ratio has fluctuated between around ten and thirty over the last thirty years or so and this one indicator can help you make informed investments and trades.


You will not use the material in this CD to time short term trades - but it will enable you to decide which markets are likely to develop a sustained trend. Once the longer term trend is established then the trader can get to work, fine tuning and timing entries and exits.


Inter-Market Analysis will give you the edge over those who lose money fighting against longer term capital flows!



The material contained in these downloadable presentations and the strategies that can be applied in determining the correct markets to be trading at particular times in the economic cycle is frequently sought after and this type of consultancy frequently costs over 1,000 a day for this type of asset allocation advice.  However, you can download "Inter-Market Analysis" today for just 19.97 inclusive of the bonus audio, Talking Bonds with Dane Halling.


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