Market Morphology and

Risk Reduction

Using Hedge fund Strategies and stock selection techniques

by Clive Corcoran

Markets are continually moving and changing, the morphology, or science of markets and their structures, is where Clive Corcoran has found profitable moves based on predictable patterns and events.

In this CD series Clive demonstrates how he finds these profit opportunities whilst keeping market risk to minimum.

Profitable trading reduces trading risks to a minimum whilst using reliable stock selection tools. you are about to learn techniques that will dramatically reduce your trading risk using basic strategies adopted by hedge funds and also learn about the timing, stock selection techniques and hedging strategies Clive uses to eliminate market direction risk.

Clive Corcoran is founder of and operates an advisory service for hedge funds and individual traders that has delivered annual returns in excess of 40% with minimal risk. Click this link to subscribe to the daily email.

Clive's perspective is that wealth creation can best be achieved by maintaining a trade signal accuracy of over 60% combined with a rigorous approach to risk containment.

  • TradeWithForm uses a systematic, algorithmic trading platform that generates highly reliable intraday and end of day trading signals.
  • The platform has historically delivered above average returns with controlled risk and low volatility in overall performance.
  • The TradeWithForm platform provides optimized hedge ratios between its recommendations for long and short positions in the market.
  • The key to the system's successful performance lies in the consistent accuracy of its recommendations, its ability to identify relative advantage amongst hedge instruments and a robust approach to risk management.
  • Trading strategy is indifferent to the underlying market direction
  • Unlike other long/short strategies involving “pairs” of securities the trade selection engine is governed only by technical analysis and does not try to identify pairs from fundamental analysis or from similar companies within complementary industries or sectors.

The overview.

Clive, in conversation with George Hallmey of Clickevents, outlines the principles that guide his trading process of maintaining consistent, month on month profitability with minimal risk exposure.

Technical Trade Selection

Clive uses several basic techniques in considering likely directional moves. Specialising in US stocks that have high liquidity and sufficient volatility to justify trades, he demonstrate the correct use of:

MFI - The Money Flow Index shows the degree of accumulation and distribution of a stock. A considerable amount of research into the importance of volume in determining the strength or otherwise of potential moves has been carried out over the years and Clive shows here how the MFI is one of his main directional indicators for stocks.

Pattern Formations - There are a good many standard price patterns presented in the many thousands of text books on technical analysis. Clive focuses in on just a few that have consistently preceeded useful moves and have provided reliability over time.

Divergencies - Clive uses selected  indicators to either confirm or not confirm pattern, volume and direction. Divergencies between these frequently suggest when a move may be about to start or end.

Portfolio and Risk Reduction

The core of Clive's work relies on matching Technical Trade Selection with a portfolio approach that reduces market risk to  a minimum. Clive demonstrates  how combining both longs and shorts with the correctly weighted share sizing can dramatically reduce risk and increase profits. Clive strategies are similar to those adopted by hedge funds and he shows how any size portfolio can use the same techniques that multi million dollar funds adopt.

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