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Profit from Market Psychology

By Gerald Ashley


Gerald Ashley   has some twenty five years experience in wholesale financial markets, having worked for banks in London, Hong Kong & Switzerland. His primary market experience is in foreign exchange, currency options and money markets.

Gerald has made a study of market and individuals psychology and how it can be put to the traders advantage. This seminar on CD includes and interview with Gerald where he outlines the many pitfalls that traders face and, importantly, how to overcome them and become consistently successful. Also included is Gerald's full, two part presentation, that you can watch in the comfort of your home or office.



The Seminar on CD includes:


  • The Video Interview - Gerald talks in detail of the major factors influencing our trading, How successes can lead to losses, Knowing when to walk away and not trade and much more.

  • Presentation - Part one

  • Making Decisions - how our psychological make up and that of the markets impacts on our decision making process.....

  • Life in the Insect World - In this analogy Gerald relates human behaviour in the markets to that of insect survival!

  • Life in Financial Markets - Opinions, news rumours and  the influences of the individual players that make up the markets...

  • Positive Feedback - How the activity of others is a major influence in our decision making process...

  • How trends form - the Dominant Story, but finding the trend is not enough....

  • The three elements of trading - Getting the direction right is the easy part! it is the other factors that Gerald discusses that are the most important ones to be aware of...

  • The three psychological KILLERS...

  • Are we inside or outside the market....?

  • Your trading plan - Time horizon, Risk Strategy, Emotion...

  • Presentation Part two

  • Capital - How much to commit...

  • Gearing.....

  • Pyramiding exits....

  • Trading records.....

  • Learning - to love losses....

You can watch this seminar on your computer, over and over again.  It will play on any PC running Microsoft Windows v95 or above and Windows Media Player v6.4 or above (available for free download). 

In this new format, you have two ways to listen and view the material. Firstly you can watch the video interview with Gerald and discover how he has made a study of Trading Psychology and the factors that influence traders the most. 

Secondly, you can watch and listen to the full, two part, structured presentation where the topics from the interview are expanded on and explained fully with slides and audio at full quality.

The full running time is over 70 minutes and you have full control over the video and presentation -  you can play, move forward, rewind or pause, and you can repeat as many times as you wish.  

Michael Douglas in his book "The Disciplined Trader" says 'There are several psychological factors that go into being able to assess accurately the market's potential for movement...'   he continues with 'One of them is releasing yourself from the notion that each trade has the potential to fulfil all your dreams' 

Gerald has also  recently had his new book  "Uncertainty and Expectation" published in which he delves further into an understanding of the psychological influences that determine behaviour. For more information about his new book, available at a discount, click here for details.

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