"The Twenty Minute


Swing Trader"


Dear Trader

Intra-day trading is not for everyone, it may seem compelling but do you want to be watching the screens all day when there is so much more you could be enjoying while the markets are making money for you?

TMEST is Part One of the Universal Trading Programme. Why universal? Simply because it is universal! Any time frame any market can be traded using the principles contained within the entire six parts.

No need to make the full six course investment up front, just get started with Part One, TMEST, the core of the entire programme.

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader releases you from a life of screen watching!!

Welcome to the world of letting the markets make money for you. Maybe you're a seasoned trader who is looking for a new approach or perhaps you are just starting out and have no desire for or just cannot spare the time for intra-day trading.

Read on, but if you must trade intra-day TMEST will work just fine any time frame you choose!

This approach just might be right for you....

The big moves are in the big swings. Yes intra-day trading can be fast and furious so, if you are an adrenalin junkie and crave excitement from trading don't read on. But ask yourself this - are you trading for the right reasons?

This is a serious business and yes, we should enjoy and have fun at what we do, but save the excitement for outside this real business of trading.

Traders can get excited about the profits, but when it comes to analysis, a cool calm head is needed.

What we don't want do is fill our charts with indicators. The problem is that there are just far too many of them and there is  a false belief that the more we have on screen, then the more likely it is that our trades will succeed. In reality, the opposite is true. This as complicated as it gets:

By keeping it simple, with a minimum of additional trading tools, we have clarity that avoids confusion.

This is the power of the Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader - TMEST. We are taking the best out of the main market moves and being patient when there is no clarity, waiting on the sidelines ready to take those optimum trades.

So how is it done?

With clear definitions of what is trend and what is a trading range - because what works well in trends will kill you in a range and vice versa. Add in some  Candle Price Action with two unique trading tools and that's it, as simple and clear as this chart!

The Big Swings

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader concentrates on those major markets that move. These include the main spot Forex pairs, heavily traded indices of the DAX, S&P, Dow and FTSE100 plus Gold and Silver.

These markets can make substantial moves lasting for days, weeks and months. Once you are in, we show you how to ride the move by totally removing risk and locking in the profits as they increase.

And the smaller Swings

Not all markets run in trends, in fact, most only trend for a limited time and so you can trade the shorter, intermediate moves, many of these produce a profit on the day the trade starts.

Trading ranges

In between trends, price action can become subdued as the daily candles play a game of ping pong in a trading range before trending again. You will learn how to simply recognise ranges and, provided the range is wide enough, how to trade the ping pong.

Minimising Risk

Not all trades work out of course and any one considering trading the financial markets has to accept there is initial risk. Active trade management is essential to avoid THE biggest trading mistake of letting a profitable trade become a losing one. You will be able to apply straight forward rules to maximise profitable trades whilst limiting those that don't work out.

Trading Tools

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader includes two trading tools that work well in further defining turning points and trend continuations. The Swing Trend is based on volatility giving early warning of reversals. It also pinpoints entry and profit taking levels.

The second tool is the Volume Activity Index. This is based on both price move momentum and volume activity. It will often show an impending reversal before price action confirms. When both are moving in the same direction and our candles and trend agree we are ready to trade.

TMEST will also work just fine any time frame you choose from the 5 minute charts up to weekly and monthly!

Traders Class Mentoring

Traders so often tell me they have bought a course and are left to get on with it. That's not how I operate. Traders Class mentoring is an essential add on that you have for 30 days when you sign up now!

Mentoring ensures that you can fully apply every aspect of the Extreme Swing Trader together with the further benefit of watching how I apply TMEST with my earlier courses including the Breakfast and Harmonic Wave Trader. You have twice weekly mentoring videos to help you succeed.

Typical Trades

The chart had been setting up for a couple of weeks. A sell stop order got us in at 193.17. On day 13, final profits taken at 183.25 for a run of 992 pips. It was not possible to know how well it would run in advance and this extreme move gave a reward to risk ratio of just under 7:1.

The GBPJPY can make some big moves and the TMEST triggered a long a few days ago at 184.03, currently 132 pips up on a trade that cannot lose.

Of the stock market indices, the DAX often runs in clean trends without nasty spikes. A short was signalled running through to  the for 448 points. A new long triggered a few days later producing 174 points and a part of that trade left on ran and ran, racking up the points.

Both the Australian and New Zealand currencies have made some major long term moves against the US$ but they also trend against each other. The TMEST ducks all lined up to sell the AUDNZD  this ran for 13 days and gave 258 pips profit.

Not all trades work out of course and two days later a long was signalled that immediately reversed giving a sell, continuation signal, the following day! A loss of 58 pips was taken and the follow on sell was closed for plus 178 pips.


Another great trade

"George, based on your WS30 video analysis on Friday, I placed a pending buy order and wow, did it ever soar and close strong!" Robin Trade entry at 16209, exited part at 16452, +243 points

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader is now available regularly at 379, take the 30 day trial, try it out and see for yourself how it will transform your Swing Trading.

"Thank you asking me to test the EST system. I'm using it as well as day trading and it's helping with both. JK

"All very easy to get set up, just this week I caught the big move on USDJPY" Mike

"George I have all your courses now, I've always found you very patient in explaining things to me that I should have realised sooner! Well done with the swing trader, I've found I can use it on the four hourly charts, seems to work nicely. JD

"As you know I use the Harmonic software, I've set up the AI with it and Swing Trend that I already had. They work great together. MJ

"Thank you for asking me to try it out, so far so good with one losing trade followed by two profits, one of those is still running. I now have several on my watch list, just waiting for the triggers to get me in, I expect I will have several trades running then as you suggested. VT.

"Thanks to your Yen suggestions I'm in my second trade, the first one ran 121 pips and the current trade is up 294 as of today" JL."

"Hi George, I'm in the USDSwiss, up 390 pips, took part profits as you teach us at 100 pips, on this thirteenth day just waiting for my trailing sell order to hit for the final profit. Jane.

"Let me start by saying a big 'Thank you' so much for the advice over the months and the regular weekly videos that have been very beneficial....So for instance, I have picked 7 currency pairs in total (USD/JPY, CAD/JPY, AUD/JPY, AUD/NZD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, USD/AUD) which I trade more or less regularly...Today, I traded 3 and they all gave a positive result." Peter A.

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader is now available at 379.  Check out below.

Traders Class Mentoring.

I want to make sure that you have all the help you need to trade TMEST and that's why I have Traders Class. At least twice a week you receive the latest video tutorial that shows the trades we are in and are considering, with the reasons why.

And Traders Class is not just about TMEST, you will also see the Breakfast and Harmonic Wave trades that work so well.


EURGBP, part profits taken 7700, for + 156 pips that ran for a week.

The final part of the trade ran for another week for 193 pips at zero risk!



The chart below shows 3 trades this month, over the last few months the USDJPY swing trades were: 8 wins giving 1544 pips with one loss of 99, net 1445 pips, and that's just one pair.

The USDJPY obliges again and again....

And Cable frequently runs...

TMEST is currently available at 379, take the 30 day no quibble, money back, trial now.

Hi George, hope to find you and your family are well, been some time since our last contact. .... First let me say, that I am one of those guilty as charged persons who have over the years purchased many expensive  holy grails only to have them repeatedly   fail at some stage or other. And on each occasion,  I have reverted back to my trusty 20 minute Trader for more reliable, consistent results.

I think because it is so simple to use,........ Again many thanks for such a user friendly system, that I expect it to offer more, than it does, that's the problem its simplicity at its best, just a few indicators without over complicating things BRILLIANT....... See more below........Les Rose Australia.

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