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I want to guide you to a method of trading that just might be right for you!  Over the years I've traded a good many markets, but it's Price Action Trading Forex that brings home the bacon. I'll explain more shortly, but first, I'll tell you about the most exiting home study workshop I've produced, The Breakfast Trader that also works at any time of day ...

Dear Trader

The Forex market is probably the best market in the world to be trading right now. It has volatility, trades 24 hours a day and the swing trends just keep rolling.

But there is problem. And it's not the tremendous short and long term trends and it's not the volatility - it's 24 hour trading.

You see the problem is that too many traders try to keep trading and trading all day, and some into the night as well, gazing at their Fx charts. There was a time when I would be watching and trading from early until late and even getting up in the night to put trades on. Then I learned a very valuable lesson.

Less Trading Can = More Profit!

You see, in a 'normal' job or business, success and promotion and pay rises usually come to those who do more. Working longer hours, making more sales calls, working extra hours to get the job done and so on.

But the world of trading doesn't quite work in the same way. The markets will do what they will do and no amount of working harder or putting in longer hours at the screen and Fx charts will make the markets move in my favour!

The answer is, I found, to trade when the markets are most likely to move and then just go do something else until the time is right again.

How many times have you made profitable trades - only to keep trading and end up giving those profits back to the market?

I speak with a lot of traders and it's a story I hear over and over. I will show you how to use Price Action Trading at the optimum times in the market and quit while you're ahead and then leave the markets to it while you go off and do other things with your day.

When you come back to trade the next day, you'll be fresh and ready to go and not bogged down with the stresses and strains that can cloud the traders judgement if they try to catch every twist and turn throughout the day.

Here is what the Breakfast Trader will reveal:

1. The very best time of day to be trading, and it's not just in the mornings

Many new traders are not aware of this and so get frustrated at their slow progresss.

2. Why European traders have an edge on US traders

London is the Forex capital of the world, it always has been and will continue to be so for decades to come, you will learn how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

3. How to read the market setups and know exactly what you are looking for

You will be able to easily identify the two most important patterns that tell you which way to trade.

4. How to tell the difference between trading the trend and trading for a reversal.

The two are quite different, both can lead to explosive profits, get them wrong and look out. You will learn how to separate one from the other and tuck away the profits!

5. How to make money, not lose it. Warren Buffett has two rules: A. Don't lose money. B. Never forget rule one!

You would be shocked at how many traders never get money and trade management handled, it's the single biggest reason why most newbie traders lose money and they just don't realise it. You will learn these simple rules and your trading account will be transformed.

6. Includes the unique Breakfast Trader software for Tradestation or MetaTrader4.

Whilst price action trading is great, the Breakfast Trading software gives you the all important edge.

7. There is no one, single Holy Grail, that will always be profitable in trading - most keep searching for it and eventually quit.

But there is a blend of Price Action Trading techniques you will learn in The Breakfast Trader that comes as close as it gets.

“It works! I put on two breakfast trades this morning and had my most profitable day in weeks. Thanks again." JM

"Thanks very much for your Breakfast Trader DVD set, it's excellent. It's set out very clearly, with easy to follow explanations." MR

“... And your Breakfast Trading DVDs are right up there too … what a breath of straight-forward, accurate, uncomplicated fresh air they are…. Anyway, a very large double thank you for putting in so much time and effort to help people. It's certainly well appreciated this end.” TS

"The CD presentations of the Breakfast Trader describe several valuable trading techniques to follow and how to make the most out of trading the major forex pairs. The 'set-ups' for recognising high probability trades are well explained, with several live examples of trade progressions from start to finish. The examples cover when to open new positions and importantly, when not to go rushing in before a tradable pattern is established." RG

"George, I just took another 120 pips today, without any losing trades. Thank you for the clearest course I've seen. I'm looking forward to more days like today." GM

"George is an excellent trainer and details precise methods for trading the currency markets. Uniquely showing theory, historic examples and live trading in a way that make this approach easy to understand. An excellent addition to your trading arsenal." Phil Newton

Thought I would let you know of a 29 pip win this morning on GBP/USD from 1.5282 to 1.5314...was really rewarding as I followed your advice....PL

"The Breakfast Trader is aimed at forex trading before you go to work. However it is relevant at any time of the day and in any market. A great toolkit laid out in a very clear and well-structured format." RT

"George...your Breakfast Trader DVDs are excellent value for money in my opinion - now where's my alarm clock!" AMR

The Breakfast Trader comes to you on two packed discs in nine clear sections with nothing left out.

The Breakfast Trader will reveal the Daily Routine that exposes the best tradable setups  - if you don't see them you don't trade.

But when you do see them, you will have the confidence to get involved and place low risk, high probability trades that give staggeringly high risk-reward ratios!

The nine sections include:

  • Why the Forex market structure works for the Breakfast Trader

  • How to use Price Action Trading

  • The five Candle formations for Breakfast Trading that you need to know

  • Separating Trends from Ranges and why it is not always obvious

  • What the Multi Point Reversal (MPR) is and why it is one of the best setups you will ever use

  • How False Breaks Reversal (FBRs) will give you a big advantage other traders

  • How to use Fibonacci correctly - it is probably the most widely used technique but wrongly by many traders. You will learn the correct ratios and how to apply them.

  • How to be a good trader.

  • The Daily Routine - how to follow a simple plan for every trading session so you don't miss the best moves but avoid those losing trades.

  • Which Fx charts to use and how to place and execute orders to get optimum entries and exits.

  • Money and Trade Management is much talked about but most still get it wrong  - you will learn how to make big profit to loss swings in your account to consistent profits.

  • Please note, this is a physical product, posted to you and can be made available for your tablet or iPad. The software is emailed and licensed for lifetime use and fully supported to ensure perfect installation and operation.

Plus Bonus Presentations

Your bonus disc includes a dozen trades videoed from entry through to exit so you can see exactly how the process works in the real world of trading - nothing is left out and you will see step by step exactly how to go about putting The Breakfast Trader into practice.

Limited distribution

One of the problems associated with trading courses is that too many traders can get involved and the professional market cottons on to what large numbers or retail traders are doing. For that reason initial and on-going distribution will be carefully restricted.

MT4 and TradeStation

You can use any charting software as well as our recommended TradeStation or the zero cost MT4 from GKFX. Why GKFX? Simply because they have the tightest spreads and the widest range of Forex, Stocks and Commodities of any MT4 broker.

Personal Workshop

Come and spend a day with me to learn the entire system plus the new Catapult Combo system, click for details.

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And...Now includes free membership to TradersClass for your first month! TradersClass gives you full access to the weekly Breakfast Trading video's.

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Best regards

George Hallmey - The Breakfast Trader