Great and Minor


Setups, Entries and exits

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Great Reversals are just that. They often run on and on for thousands of pips. Over the years, I've sent out a regular newsletter and, from time to time, it featured some truly great reversals. However, although these major reversals can bring in the big bucks, they don't happen often enough!

It's the minor reversals from patterns, failed patterns, trends, corrections and range reverses that bring home the regular, day to day profits. As traders, that's what we do, spotting low risk entries that run all day or maybe a week or so. Take our profits and move on to the next setup.

It's the 'how to trade' features of Great and Minor reversals that are featured within this new trading system, but it's the failed reversals that so often become the super profitable ones that can give us very satisfying profits.

Fails that come good. It is said that markets exist to 'confound and muddle the majority of traders for most of the time'. The unexpected runs from these 'failed' moves work to the savvy traders benefit. Read on take a no risk trial and learn how these 'failures' can be amongst the best trades you will ever take.

Reversals, Trends, Ranges,


Entries and Exits


The Great Reversals trading system includes Price Action trading that can be used with, or without, your favourite indicators.

Great and minor reversals frequently form as repeatable patterns and they so often develop at important levels. The majority of traders have no clue these levels exist, even fewer know where to find them. Great Reversals shows you where they are most likely to show up.

Day Trading, or Swing Trading over

days to weeks - it's up to you.

There are classic chart patterns, and many not at all well known, which are featured and, specifically, how to profit from pattern and break out failure.

Fine tuning your entries and exits to minimise risk and maximise profits with the use of pending orders frees you from looking at screens all day so you make the markets work for you. You will discover how the four hour charts can give some of the best setups and trade management.

The daily routine section shows which time frames to focus on and how to run trades within the day that can then run on for day after day as swing trades.

The technical aspect for finding trades is just part of a successful traders life. It's also very much a mental game of 'knowing thyself'. There can be a downside when it's not going so well. Traders might find themselves falling into a 'spiral of decline', it's not unusual. The business and personal management sections show how to side step the spiral and climb back out to consistent trading again.

Great Reversals show you

how and where to find the setups.

Also includes, your first trail month of video tutorials which features live markets showing you relevant setups - twice weekly. Regular subscription 97 three monthly .

The fifteen comprehensive sections include:

Price action trading, where and how to use it to pin point entries and exits.

The five Candles you should always trade.

Failure to success using this candle combination.

Why reversals take place where they do and how to simply find them.

Classic chart patterns that work over and over.

Patterns that fail and how to take these trades with clear entres and exits.

How to trade the Wedge, Triangle, Head and Shoulders and Double Tops & Bottoms with these unique twists!

Follow this daily routine before you even think of placing a trade

Rectangle stair steppers and the Broadening formation reversal.

Preparing and running your trading business.

Biased, me! How to use these to cut out those losing trades.

Oh sh***t, I'm in a Trading Hole. How to climb out and get those profits rolling again.


Typical GR trades taken from the major currencies, precious metals and indexes.

This trade started off by confusing rookie traders with not one, but two false break outs.

GR traders saw what was really happening!

Not all are winners of course, this from a new trader I recently worked with. He's now making consistent profits this year, improving his key financial ratios, as shown in Great Reversals.

Markets are constantly changing. Way back the EURGBP was incredibly boring. Since Brexit it's been one of the best charting currencies!

The left side of this chart gave us two massive trends, tradable corrections and reversals.

And then, (right side), the market became locked in a channel, range bound.

But the profitable setups just kept on coming!

All these are fully revealed and explained.

Amongst many others we have been trading the USDCAD and we have another setup that we've been tracking over the last month:

Over to the USDCAD chart and we should expect to see a similar move if the linkage, the correlation, is working. August saw the US dollar falling against the Canadian as oil rose.

Technically, it was in a mature fifth down wave coming into a support zone and ready for a trend reversal..... (all explained in the Great Reversals course and the twice weekly TC videos).

Right on cue, at the start of trading the very next day, 1st September, as the oil price peaked, so did the Canadian dollar against the US dollar.

What's happening now?

It's a potential reversal, possibly a major one, but for now it has formed an inverse Head and Shoulder pattern.

If price action today should close above the blue neckline it could run through more than 200 pips worth $2,000 dollars, trading just one contract. Traders Class video update members are already in on the action!

Great and Minor Reversals is not one of those, seemingly very clever, 'closed box' systems which hides the super 'algo' churning out magic trade after magic trade. You know how all that ends!

You will see exactly how these setups work. By linking together unique chart patterns and price action you can use these setups time and again.

It works on any market and time frame from just a few hours through to day and weeks.

Great and Minor


Setups, Entries and exits

Is now available at an affordable 279 (See below for special pricing) fully inclusive of full support, 30 day trial of twice weekly coaching videos from live markets, videos and a full, 30 day, money back guarantee.

"George I have all your courses now, I've always found you very patient in explaining things to me that I should have realised sooner!....... "JD

"Let me start by saying a big 'Thank you' so much for the advice over the months and the regular weekly videos that have been very beneficial" Peter A.

"I really enjoyed that last trading session, the emotional spiral and the 5 biases and how to correct them, were very insightful for me." SL

At last I've got it! Those 'Catapult' FBRs have cost me too may times, can't wait to find my next one and do it right. CH.

Feedback on it (Great reversals) - awesome and very helpful thank you.
Please stay strong safe and well. Thank you once again." GE

Includes one month *trial of twice weekly video membership.

I want to make sure that you have all the help you need to trade the Great Reversals way and that's why I have the Traders Class membership group.

At least twice a week you receive the latest video tutorial that shows the trades we are in and are considering, with the reasons why.

Also includes full email support.

Price Action Trading?

Many traders have a favourite indicator or two and many beginners fill their charts with dozens of them!

The reality is that ALL indicators are derived from Price Action, But some of us would not trade without.

Great Reversals traders can use just three unrelated add on optional indicators. You may already have the Colour Trend, Swing Trend and Activity Index. If not, they are included at no extra cost and with full support  to set them up and use them.

Any questions? Just email me, george

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