"Trade in Harmony


 with the Markets....."


Let me show you the trading technique that gives precise entry and exit points for ALL your trades and you can test it out risk free!

Dear Trader

I want to work with you and show how you can find trade after profitable trade, but first, you are about to discover the market 'Secret' that a few traders in the know, have been using quietly for years - and now it's your turn to use it to full advantage.....

If you've got a few minutes, I'd like to show you one of the most powerful ways to use a proven trading method. My 'insider' method, The Harmonic Trader System, allows ANYONE - old, young, skilled, non-skilled - to start taking money from the markets, day after day, week after week

You will know exactly where to enter and also, when to exit your trades using nothing more than five patterns, some Fibonacci and a wave structure that is partially automated for you, all fully explained in the Harmonic Trader System.

Seriously, it is possible to get started with minimal risk and start pulling down some substantial returns. Just look at one. The trade kicked off producing well over 120 points in just a few hours and ran on to produce well over 300 points to target.

Profits like that are not unachievable, they show up time and again and the money management sections shows how to keep risk to an absolute minimum to ensure that you retain those profits!

And the best market to trade.......

One of the problems that traders have is deciding which market to trade. Whether to day trade, swing trade or buy and hold. This is a universal market trading system and can be used in any market.

Right now the it's the Forex market is producing some of the best moves but you can use the exact same principles to trade the main indices, the Wall Street, FTSE 100 and German DAX as well as Crude Oil and many other markets.

Day trade or Swing Trade...

This up to you, maybe you are unable to look at the market during the day and so I recommend you Swing Trade over several days to weeks. That's using daily and weekly charts so you will have no need to look at the markets during the day.

On the other hand you may be able to spend some time during the day and want to catch some of the intra day moves and maybe place several trades and in different markets.

Just one thing....

About the Holy Grail.....

Now. I'm not going to stoop to using stupid big money guarantees to get you hooked in. And I'm not saying you'll make $1000's and more every day. That's just the potential. Something for way down the line as you become more proficient and carefully apply the Money Management process that's built in.

What I'm offering you is a real trading and business strategy. One that anyone can get straight into, armed with the software tools and personal coaching - all of which is included.

Like all real trading businesses, it starts small. It takes patience and application. At the beginning it could make only a trickle of money and there will be some losing trades at first. But, if you follow the Harmonic Wave Trader System all the way, this could start to make you some significant gains over a period of time.

So if you're looking for some automated "push button" get rich quick $97 trading robot or over hyped, expensive $2-$5,000 system that takes no effort that doesn't live up to the hype, this isn't for you.

But if you are ready to learn and start to apply a proven method of trading that the  Harmonic Wave Trader will give you, then I'm ready to work with you.

Let me show you my entire Harmonic Trader strategy...no strings, no risk and no obligation

I'm more than happy to send you absolutely every detail the Harmonic Wave Trading strategy. And by that I mean that you can order and study my entire strategy  This way you will prove it's worth for yourself.

I want to be as straight with you as I can. Try it, use the software and put it to the test of working it in the real world of trading.  So I'm also happy to send you a hard copy of my complete Harmonic Wave Trading System in the post for 30 days, risk-free. There are no strings attached. No catches. No conditions.

I want you to see every step of the process BEFORE you decide to stay it. If it's not for you, let me know. I'll give you a full refund on what you pay me. No questions asked.

How trading with Fibonacci got this started

My name is George Hallmey, I have traded many markets and now just concentrate on the fast moving Forex market and Indices. I'm Director of two trading training companies, I run seminars, workshops and webinars for my members and others such as Fx Steet.com, London Investment Week, Traders, Stocks & Commodities Magazine and Your Trading Edge.

Over the years, one of the methods I have used over and over is Fibonacci analysis, so much so that I had my own FibGrid programmed. Now Fib is great but it works best when used with the right patterns, add in the correct Harmonic Wave structure and it all fell into place.

Traders have always searched for 'the one' that is, a system that beats all others and will just keep rolling in the profits. The reality is that some methods do work well at some times and not others. Once it stops working, the trader moves on and has much the same experience. Once you start using the Harmonic Wave Trading System with the Auto FibFinder V2 you will be hooked......

The Harmonic Trader System brings together three major techniques with Fibonacci levels that will show where the waves of price action are most likely to reverse and where they are going to.

This is just one of dozens of examples when trading gurus and analysts said sell, sell sell.

It will find trades for you that you would never ever have taken without it!

Trading Waves

Look at any chart and it's clear that price moves run in a series of waves. Now these waves have specific characteristics and relationships with each other and this is the missing ingredient that most traders just don't know about.

For obvious reasons I'm not going into detail here but, once a price move has progressed through a specific series of waves, and the correct harmonic trader levels are flagged up by the software, the odds of taking successful trades increase dramatically.

Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader (TMEST)

The Harmonic Wave Traders works extremely well with TMEST. This Extreme Trader adds in the all important element of trend confirmation. The majority of our users have both courses.

Contrarian Trading

Most of the standard chart patterns that fill trading books rely on break outs, most of these fail leaving traders frustrated and annoyed. In the Harmonic Wave Trader you will learn the two major and four minor contrarian chart patterns.

These are patterns that the majority of traders expect to become breakouts but they are are wrong! The patterns are contrarian, meaning that only those in the know will trade them in the correct direction!

The principle is based on sound logic. Most traders take the wrong trade, they buy when everyone is else has bought but professional traders don't do that. They buy when the crowd are selling, just look at the false break outs or fades that can be seen on most charts.

Trading is a zero sum game, only a small number of traders can make money and so, to succeed, successful traders must do the exact opposite of what most rookie traders do and that's just what the Harmonic Wave Trading System will help you do.

Works with TradeStation or MT4

Click the image and see it in action on Youtube

Automatic Fib Finder

Now, Fibonacci analysis works very well but it has a disadvantage - you have to know where and and how to set the the Fibonacci Grid on your charts, and that can be a problem.

You see, there are multiple points on any chart where you could set the grid up and that can confuse rather than clarify, so I asked my programmer to modify some of the Fibonacci software tools he and I already use.

Click this image to see how the trade ran.

The latest version that comes with The Harmonic Trader System now rolls along with the current price, in real time and sets the Fibonacci grid to exactly the correct high and low points and it does it without any human input!

Not only that but it automatically shows you when the correct Harmonic Wave Levels have been reached.

Thank you for the discs and Fib Finder software, it's amazing how it just shows me those key levels as you said it would...JH

Brilliant, Thanks George for such clear instruction GC

Great product, clear examples and definitely worth the money charged. There is a real wealth of information in these discs. EK

Morning George

Thought I would share a successful EUR/USD trade from 6.56am this morning-went short at 1.3941(pleased that I picked the turn !) and grabbed 21 pips by 7.06am-should have remained in the trade for a few more pips on the downside in hindsight!!

George, I thought you would want to now that I have profitted by over 200 pips this week using the FibFinder software and your harmonic patterns. Can I use it on my work PC as well? JG

 Selected the top using standard breakfast trading rules-also found fib finder to be very helpful on the 2 minute chart !! PL

Thanks for letting me try out the Harmonic Wave Trader and the automatic Fib Finder, you are not getting it back! Seriously, just let me know how much it is.. JS

Hello George, How about todays euro!!! still testing our understanding of the fib finder so only had a very small position...automatically closed at 1.414...D&G

George, I've just closed out my Cable trade I mentioned on Tuesday, FibFinder got me and helped me decide on taking some profits on Thursday - result 138 pips on one and 321 on the other!!! MJ

Thanks George, This tool is a great product and I now couldn't be without it. When you combine this tool with price action etc it gives me much greater confidence in making trading decisions. I would recommend this tool to professionals or beginners alike but particularly to those who aren't conversant or confident in plotting fibonacci on their charts and in particular fibonacci extensions. MR.

Available now

I frequently run courses and 1 to 1 coaching - but that is not what this offer is about.

I want you to succeed and so I will work with you. When you get started, you will automatically be enrolled as a Traders Class member. traders Class membership ensures that you have direct access to me via my regular videos, email and phone.

At least weekly you will, twice weekly, receive video tutorials and I welcome your emails with any questions.

The Harmonic Trader comes with personal support and access to my members only area, Traders Class.

Traders Class gives you exclusive access to email and video help to ensure you know exactly how to apply the course in the real trading world. Plus there is a huge archive of previous videos with trader interviews and trading tutorials.

Thank you George for another educational video, nice to know that we were spot on with Cable entries and exits this morning. We are finding the more visual  harmonics on MT so helpful. Didn't know about measuring the first target (depth of overnight range ) you are always teaching us something new. D & G

Hi George

Still have to spend time on software , but picked fab retraces  this am G/U 15 60 min, latter .xxx, and E/U 15m 1.xx, and 60m , 1.xxx ,1.xxx, and .xxx. I am still not in full flow, but look forward to really getting into the software. A M-R.

We just love the fib finder and have had some good trades also it has  kept us out of some bad decisions. GC

Great product, clear examples and definitely worth the money charged. There is a real wealth of information in these discs. EK

Hurrah for harmonics and wave finder plus ATR stretch nice run on cable this pm until .xxx Fib alerting to take profits.  regards G.

The fib finder is helping us time and time again.Regards DC

Hi George

I feel I may be able to retire in the next few years using your techniques.
Best Regards MR.


Plus Bonus software

The full Harmonic Wave Trading System includes the automatic Fib Finder software that identifies the key levels that often precede reversals.

Also the Harmonic Wave Trading System uses the Activity Index oscillator that uses a combination of volume and momentum to confirm trends and reversals as part of the Harmonic Wave Trading System.

The Harmonic Trader System, is currently available at just 379 fully inclusive

Fully covered by our usual guarantees of course.

But that's not all!

Hi George, hope to find you and your family are well, been some time since our last contact. .... First let me say, that I am one of those guilty as charged persons who have over the years purchased many expensive  holy grails only to have them repeatedly   fail at some stage or other. And on each occasion,  I have reverted back to my trusty 20 minute Trader for more reliable, consistent results.

I think because it is so simple to use,........ Again many thanks for such a user friendly system, that I expect it to offer more, than it does, that's the problem its simplicity at its best, just a few indicators without over complicating things BRILLIANT....... See more below........Les Rose Australia.


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